New Media Company Headquarters

Orange County, New York

Location:  Blooming Grove, NY

Completed:  2013

Size:  100,000 s.f.

As this media company was busy growing into one of the largest cable television companies in the United States, they expanded haphazardly in different locations.  As time went on, it became clear that for the company to continue to operate in an efficient manner, it would need to commit to building a new headquarters facility to consolidate all of their employees under one roof.  In addition, the company made a pledge to creating a state-of-the art facility in keeping with the nature of its rapidly changing and technologically advancing business environment.

In the design of the building, attention was given to maximizing natural light and hilltop views for every employee.  The common spaces of the building, most located on the first floor, are meant to serve as communal gathering and collaboration spaces for the employees.  On the office levels, an early decision was made to create a spacious, loft-like feel through the use of exposed ducts and structure.  This necessitated the use of a sound masking system throughout to afford acoustical privacy to the employees in their workspaces.  Although the color palette for the building is generally monotone throughout, special areas are highlighted through the use of color in furnishings and cabinetry, which changes from department to department.

Photos by:  Alan Schindler

Completed by Amy Nowak-Palmerini while at Poskanzer Skott Architects