Proposed Front Elevation

2-Story Addition to a Mid-century Modern

Rockland County, New York

Location:  New City, NY

Status:      Under construction

Size:         1,300 sq. ft. addition + 1,850 sq. ft. renovation =  3,150 sq. ft. TOTAL

Year:         2107 - 2018

Proposed Rear Elevation

Proposed Side Elevation

Bringing the outside in

The homeowners fell in love with the aesthetics and natural setting of their existing 4-bedroom mid-century modern home, but after a year of living in the home they began to uncover some of its shortcomings.  The home lacked a proper front entrance, the existing living spaces (u-shaped kitchen, dining and living rooms) were all too small and closed off from each other, and storage was lacking.  Coupled with the fact that the existing 4 bedrooms were split on the first and second floors, and they felt they wanted to keep a closer eye on their small children, the family began to understand that an addition and renovation would be required.

Working with the homeowners, we designed a sizable 2-story addition creating a glass enclosed open-concept living room, dining room and kitchen on the first floor, and an additional bedroom above.  In addition, a new 2-story glass entry foyer makes an impression upon arrival.  Lastly, the entire facade is to be renovated with new windows, siding, stone and wood accents.

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