Frequently Asked Questions

Why hire ROAM Architecture?  ROAM Architecture, PLLC is a full-service architectural design firm with expertise in both residential and commercial projects.  We have over 30 years of combined experience in designing buildings and spaces, making our knowledge a valuable asset to your project.

What is the architectural process?  The architectural process involves several phases that take a project from initial conception through completion.  As each project is unique, so is the path that it takes to get from beginning to end.  Although there are variations between project types and complexities, the typical phases for an architectural project include:


  • Programming – Discuss the owner’s objectives, goals and ideas at the project’s onset
  • Schematic Design – Initial design ideas are sketched and different options are explored
  • Design Development – After an initial direction is selected, additional details are discussed and developed
  • Construction Documents – Drawings and documents are produced that help a contractor understand the project details for construction
  • Bidding – Construction Documents are issued to various contractors (typically 3) so that a price can be secured for the construction work
  • Contract Negotiation – A final price is negotiated, and a contract for construction is formalized between the Owner and the Contractor
  • Construction Administration – Construction of the project begins, with the architect’s involvement ensuring that construction is conforming to the work set forth in the Construction Documents
  • Occupancy – The project receives all final approvals and inspections from the local municipality having jurisdiction, and the project is occupied

How long does the architectural process take?  As projects can vary widely in scope and complexity, so, too, does the time it takes to see a project from conception through completion.  Some projects that are more straightforward may be completed in as little as four to six months, while other more complex projects may take several years to design and build.  We can help estimate the time involved in completing your project during our initial meetings.

What do I need for an initial consultation meeting?  For an initial meeting, it’s important that you have your thoughts and ideas for your project (i.e. wish list), as well as the construction budget that you have in mind.  For residential projects and additions, a copy of your site survey is required.  The first meeting typically takes place at the project site, so that we have an opportunity to begin to assess your needs and property.  Many of your initial questions are answered at this meeting and much information is exchanged.

Will I be able to view multiple design schemes?  Absolutely!  One of the most wonderful things about design is that there are almost always many, many solutions to a specific need or problem.  We believe that our role as your architect is to present several different options for your consideration, and to help you weigh the pros and cons of each. 

Can we incorporate “green” concepts into the design?  Definitely!  As we work through your project with you, we can help you navigate your level of commitment to sustainable design, and incorporate sustainable concepts that make sense for your project and your budget.  Whether or not a project ultimately becomes LEED Certified, smart choices can be made to help minimize your project’s impact on the environment.

What is the AIA, and how is it useful?  The American Institute of Architects (AIA) is the leading professional membership association for licensed architects, emerging professionals and allied partners since 1857.  As a member of the AIA, architects agree to adhere to a professional code of ethics and share a common goal to build better places for people to live, work and play.

I’m new to this process; where do I begin in selecting an architect?  The AIA has published a wonderful resource for clients entitled, “You & Your Architect.”  You can download a copy of the document here.