In-Home Consultation


In-Home Consultation


Our in-home consultation helps you understand our services and the type of work we can do for you.

It gives you an initial understanding of what is required to plan and build your dream project, right from the comfort of your own home.

Chat with us for about an hour, and gain valuable insight into the feasibility of your initial ideas for your project.

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About the In-Home Consultation: 

If you are like most of our clients, you have lots of questions at the outset. We understand that embarking on a design and construction project is full of uncertainties and unknowns. During this one hour consultation, we welcome you to ask the questions that you have been considering. We will help you to understand what it is like to work with an architect, the steps involved in your project, and provide initial insight into what is required to plan and build your dream project. 

At the visit you will:

  • Get a feel for your project and what is involved before you commit.

  • Learn about the steps required to take your project from conception through completion.

  • Understand common mistakes that sabotage building projects, and how to avoid them.

  • Find out if we are a "good fit" for you

Should you wish to proceed with our services, the cost of the In-Home Consultation will be credited towards your account.