Oncologist's Office Interior

Bergen County, New Jersey

Location:  Englewood, NJ

Completed:  2007

Size:  8,000 s.f.

When a busy oncology practice was given the opportunity to relocate within a major regional hospital, they were extremely excited about the opportunity to better serve their patients, who spent lots of time in the hospital's adjacent infusion center.  In the design of the new space, much effort and attention was spent to make the facility a warm and inviting place for the patients undergoing difficult treatments.  From the initial entry into the waiting room, to the central nurse's station and individual treatment rooms, every design decision was balanced between the comfort of the patient and the needs of the doctors and staff to provide effective and efficient service.

Photos by:  Alan Schindler

Completed by Amy Nowak-Palmerini while at Poskanzer Skott Architects