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Getting started with your project and have a lot of questions? We understand!

Book an initial consultation with Roberto or Amy to understand more about the building process and the feasibility of your ideas. We currently offer two options depending on your needs and where you are in the process

We provide consultations within Rockland and Westchester Counties in New York, and Bergen County in New Jersey.



Our in-home consultation helps you understand our services and the type of work we can do for you.

It gives you an initial insight in to what is required to plan and build your dream project, right from the comfort of your own home.

Chat with us for about an hour, and ask the questions that you’ve been contemplating about your home.

Click below to organize an in-home consultation.



Our Zoning Analysis includes an in-home consultation, and provides information customized to your particular home, situation and building lot.

You will be able to understand the challenges and constraints facing your project and will give you a good foundation to proceed with your design work (regardless of which firm you decide to use for this).

Click below to book a Zoning Analysis as part of our initial consultation process