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Interior Office Renovation

Bergen County, New Jersey

Location:  Ramsey, NJ

Completed:  2012

Size:  30,000 s.f.

The building facilities of a well-known international company were in dire need of attention.  The company decided to undertake a major renovation of an outdated building, unrenovated since its initial completion in the 1960’s.  Project scope included the installation of a new elevator connecting two stories, the installation of new skylights to create a new interior atrium, new ADA compliant restrooms, new employee entrance, a renovated cafeteria, and a major interior face-lift complete with upgraded energy efficient lighting and building infrastructure.  Using a series of computer-generated renderings, the client was able to view and assess the design proposals early in the process.  Completed in three phases, construction spanned the better part of one year in an occupied building.

Completed by Amy Nowak-Palmerini while at Poskanzer Skott Architects